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FASTER is the new steering wheel printed with a material with very high grip and comfort. The inner core is made of iron, ideal for rental karts. Great safety and unsurpassed details.
La parte frontale è personalizzabile con qualsiasi logo.


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KG informs that at the same time as the new model  MK20 minikart bodykit and model HULK rear bumper, the previous mini bodykit MK14 and rear bumper model TRIS, have also been CIK homologated and are therefore available.

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The cadet-minikart classes will also have available from KG 2 new airboxes KUBE and SHARK.

Both of these airboxes (silencers) fulfill the rule requested volume of 2000cc. The performance and the optimization of the flow dynamics was the base concept in the design of these products, with the additional benefit to improve carburetion and engine performance. The SHARK model was additionally designed based on a dedicated research to obtain maximum air flow for the engine and its cooling, this being an important aspe ct in the stable performance of air cooled engines during a race length period . Both the KUBE and the SHARK do have a rain cover kit designed for it.

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KG present the new MK 20 bodywork kit , pairing with the HULK rear bumper/spoiler system. The goal for the MK 20 design project has been to address the aerodynamic of the bodywork as related to the chassis, taking into account and optimizing the frontal area and the air impact and the resistance to motion advancement. We created with the MK 20 a covering and curving front with no flat surfaces. CFD research allowed us to improve the total resistance to advancing motion of 6.7%, with a concurrent increase of downforce of 18%.

Two graphic examples of increased aerodynamic performance as related to feet and hands position.The improvements were obtained without penalizing the overall bodywork kit with weight, despite having bigger dimensions of the front spoiler, also, decreasing the weight of the side pods, now lower than 500 grams. The rear spoiler HULK measure a mere 850 grams. The full MK20 kit with the rear protection HULK it is actually 850 lighter compared to what used before. The MK14 kit had great success in the last few seasons and so has been now CIK homologated, same thing for the rear bumper/spoiler “TRIS”, made of the 3 parts and so being adjustable. This will allows KG to offer 2 fully homologated kits of bodywork for the cadet-minikart classes. We like to remind you that CIK FIA rules do allows for mixing of all the homologated parts and items, to the effect that it would be possible for example to utilize the front MK 20 and the side MK14, or otherwise.


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It is now available the new sprocket protection kit. Molded in anti-breaking material and with drowned steel bushings for a perfect and safe tightening.
It ensures a very high impact protection even on the highest curbs, to avoid breakage or falls of the chain. The appropriate hardware is also supplied in the kit.
Visible in the accessories section

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New KG POWER airbox. This product is the result of the most advanced fluidodynamics research giving you now the best performance for your kart engine while at the same time being in full compliance to strict CIK-FIA regulations on sound absorption and dusts filtering.

The flow dynamic has been dramatically improved with a new airbox design and a new rubber boot to the carburetor.

A very fruitful collaboration between KG and SPRINT FILTER made possible the design and production of a brand new filter element. SPRINT FILTER is the World leader manufacturer of high performance air filter for 2 wheels and 4 wheels motorsport.

The filter element specified for the KG POWER airbox is code PO 37, fitting exactly the airbox dimensions. The PO37 is composed of high grade materials like polyester fabric perfectly calibrated and balanced. This filter is the only one patented waterproof in the world and SPRINT FILTER is the only manufacturer enabled to offer such products to be used with endothermic
type engines.

The KG POWER airbox- PO37 filter design allows for maximum air flow and maximum powders filtering, of the like of particles with a minimum of 37 micron diameter – airflow of 4,500 l/m2sec, with a steady performance during utilization.

The filter PO37, like all of the Sprint Filter products, has an unlimited life as it can be cleaned with compressed air.

Scaricate la scheda in pdf

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FASTER is the new high quality printed steering wheel with an internal iron core. It is characterized by a very high grip and driving comfort, aimed at reducing transmitted vibrations.

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M5 model steerig wheel. The 4 spokes that allow to fit all the instuments now on the market.

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Now available and homologated by CIK-FIA the new kit 506 (side-pods, front fairing and nassau panel), born by the highest research to improve the aerodynamic cx coefficient.


View the parts in the product area.

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KG adds to its rear bumpers range the new model HULK, researched for the mini category and homologated by MSA.

SP.003 mod. HULK_black

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