At KG, our products unite the resources and technology of a large, experienced company with the craftsman’s creativity and the attention to details, making us the market leader for over thirty years in the production of kart
steering wheels, bodyworks and accessories.

Careful attention is given to each phase of production, from design and planning, to model creation, testing and finally, the manufacture of a consistently high quality product. Only the finest quality materials are utilized, as well as the most technologically advanced production methods. Each and every product is subjected to several tests carried out by our specialists and no small detail is overlooked.

Direct management of the entire production process, all the way through to warehousing and shipping assures that every KG product is delivered to the customer with efficiency and care. We take pride in our customer service and the attention we give to all our products and our public. Our company is able to offer an exclusive service to develope the product starting to a your idea.

Our company develope thanks to the more recent 3D cad software, makes your prototype thanks the use of a 3D printer, makes the mules, makes the production, manage all the logistic.


  • In occasion of the new FIA homologation session, KG took the opportunity to homologate a new airbox for the minikart cat

  • It is now available the new M6 steering wheels that is characterized by the integration of the display support/data acqu

  • KG presents a new steering wheel for the Rental sector. It is the new RENTAL X350 model which is characterized by the bi

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