New CIK/FIA homologation


KG is proud to present the new homologation 2015. FP7 and BURU fronts have been newly homologated with an upgrade in the back mounting area to can fix or the new CIK/FIA mounting plate kit or a traditional bracket system for a solid mouting, but not compliant to CIK/FIA homologations and rules.

The new 505 is the first karting product born from apllication of aerodynamic research and development. The 505 project has been created and executed in partnership with AOTech (, company of great experience in the filed of motorsport aerodynamic, that with the use of software CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) has been able to give us the input to manufacture an innovative and highly effective new product.
Technical data*:

  • Aerodynamic efficiency (Cx/Cz)+ 25,2%
  • Intake filter efficiency + 71.8 %
  • Thermal exchange rear brake discs + 5.3%
  • Thermal exchange front brake discs + 5.75%

* on the base of BURU model

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