New kit MK20

KG presents the new MK20 fairing model, combined with the HULK model rear protection. With the MK20 project we aimed at a systematic approach aimed at improving the aerodynamic aspect, optimizing the areas with the highest front impact, therefore responsible for an increase in resistance to forward movement. The result is therefore a particularly enveloping front, but never with flat surfaces. CFD research has led to an improvement in resistance to global advancement of 6.7% and at the same time to an increase in downforce of 18%.

Two graphic examples of decreased pressure zones of the hands and feet.

All aiming not to penalize the overall weight of the kit which, on the contrary, turns out to be 850 g lower than what was used in the past, despite the decidedly larger dimensions of the front spoiler. Essentially thanks to the containment of the weight of the side fairings which even goes below 500 g. The HULK rear protection also stands out for its low weight of only 850 g.
The MK14 model, very successful in recent years, was also subject to CIK-FIA homologation, as was the TRIS rear protection in three pieces with adjustable width. Then both kits will be available. We also remind you that the CIK-FIA regulation allows the combined use of the various parts; it would therefore be possible, for example, to use the new MK20 front with the MK14 side fairings or vice versa.


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