Nassau Panel 508

KG presents new model 508.


The 508 is a product of accurate design and engineering, aimed to the reduction of the drag by means of a venturi conduit that accelerate and deviate part of the flow from the driver. This design allow for a further reduction of 2% of the overall drag.

In addition to the CFD simulation we have been testing at the track utilizing a system of “pitot tubes”, positioned and monitored properly, and such testing validated the brilliance of the design. Pitot tubes do measure air pressure, and by doing so, do establish speed. The differential between pressure/speed between entrance and exit point, gave us great results, with a conduit that is really able to “blow” and so accelerate the exit flow toward the driver, thus deviating and reducing the pressure that the driver generate.
At a speed of 125 km/h the differential of speed between the entrance and exit flow it is an amazing 7 meter/second, more than 25 km/h. At higher speed the differential increase further, but even at lower speed like 50 km/h (tight corner) the conduit work very well, with an acceleration of 2 meter/second.
Here below the images of the pitot tubes used during our test sessions. It is noticeable the flow viz, used also in Formula 1 during development, to measure and improve the flow directions.